Boyce Thompson Couple Engagement Photos - Arizona Wedding Photographer

Boyce Thompson Engagement Photos – Lauren and Dave

I so loved shooting this amazing couple at Boyce Thompson Arboretum. The photo opportunities were endless here! I want to say it is like a Narnia in the desert. They had several eco-spheres in one place. A lake, a mountain, AZ desert, a couple greenhouses, an Australian desert, a tree forest and more! About every 20 feet is a new, lovely plant based smell. From lavender to leaves to tons of beautiful flowers I don’t even know the names of. This place was huge so this is just a portion of the beauty it has to offer.


Here is their love story as told by Lauren:

Tell us more about how you met on World of Warcraft-
“Funny enough–Dave and I were both convinced to play WoW by friends. We both thought it was for “basement nerds” only, but quickly got sucked in. Shortly after, Dave’s friend Jonathan (and now best man!) met me in the game and we became friends (aka co Raid Leaders for any MMO nerds). That’s how I met Dave! We started talking, he adorably sent me his number through an in-game letter, and we started talking. I think we both immediately felt a strong connection; we made each other laugh all the time, and truth be told we’re both total dorks and love that about each other. Ultimately in WoW we got to be friends first, and it really grew from there. ”


How did you know Dave was the one?
“The whole time we were getting to know each other on WoW, we lived across the country from each other–I was going to college in Bellingham, WA and he was here in Phoenix. After a few months of Skype and text messages, Dave let me know that he would be passing through my college town and wanted to take me to lunch. He would be traveling up to British Columbia to visit his cousin (he’s 1/2 Canadian!) and wanted to spend some time with me first. I wanted to do him one better, so I offered to take the Amtrak down to Portland, OR to spend a few days with him and drive back up to Washington. We met at the train station, our first date was at the Portland Zoo, and after only a week together we knew this was something special. Two weeks later we had picked out an apartment together and have been together ever since (8 years in September). Dave and I knew we just couldn’t let something this special go–and both being spontaneous people we leaped into it full force.”

When you know you know is totally true!


What are you looking forward to most on your wedding day and for your marriage?

“For our wedding day we are honestly just excited to see it all come together. We have a few surprises up our sleeves for our guests, and lots of small touches that mean a lot to us that we can’t wait to see in reality. Even if everything isn’t “perfect”, that’s honestly okay–we aren’t either! In fact, the more weird things that happen the more true it would be to us and our relationship! We have talked about getting married since the first year we were together. At that time our means were very different, and a courthouse ceremony was all that we could have afforded. We are so glad we waited to have a celebration that fits us and our bond, and that all the friends we’ve made along the way will be there to toast to it with us. Our marriage will be such an important next step for us. We will continue to grow together, be patient with one another, and create more amazing memories and husband and wife!”

This is so perfect! I am so excited to join the party. You two really know what is important and it is so easy to see how much you love each other.


What was your favorite part of the photo session?

“I loved how goofy Dave was but also how earnest he was with getting everything right. The awkward walking lunge cheek kiss was the ultimate!! It just underscored how silly and loving and wonderful he is. :)”

PS totally using this posing prompt in the future!

What was Dave’s favorite part of the session?

Dave loved seeing me so dressed up, and told me over and over how loved he felt during the whole session. He also liked trying to climb the eucalyptus tree with me to fulfill my ultimate “in a tree pose”. Unfortunately it was too tall to boost me up, but we had so much fun and it really made his day.

Photo evidence of how large the tree was haha

I had a wonderful time with you both and am so excited for you to be married! Lauren has the most amazing laugh and is so bubbly, kind, and warm person. Dave is creative and witty. I loved their Office Tee Shirts. Totally had to binge on The Office ever since this session!


Kaci Lou