Papago Park Engagement Photos by Kaci Lou Photography

Papago Park Engagement Photos- Arizona Wedding Photographer-Lexi and Justin

It was a pleasure to meet Lexi and Justin in person; they may take the award for the most giggly couple I have worked with 🙂 They are so cute together! We had so much fun taking these engagement photos at Papago Park! I love the palm trees and the cool Hole in Rock. Here is their love story as told by Lexi-


How they met:
“We both met working at Yard House. Justin worked as a chef and I was a hostess/server. At first, we just started hanging out as friends, because I wasn’t looking to get in a relationship. A couple weeks passed and I started to really like him and was scared I missed my chance by telling him I wanted to stay friends. Luckily, he liked me just as much and we’ve been inseparable for the past three years. ❤”




How he proposed:
“It was the week of my college graduation. We had been visiting with out of town family, celebrating my achievements, and spending a lot of time hustling all over town. Justin told me that he wanted to spend the day after graduation, just the two of us. We decided to go to our favorite Italian spot, Delfalcos, and I wanted to go to the Love sign in Scottsdale. We brought our camera and tripod and were taking self-timer photos. We got interrupted a couple times and helped others take photos, then Justin said we should do a funny pose. When I ran over after starting the timer, he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him, and we got it in a picture! I could tell how nervous he was but didn’t think it was going to happen. I tried moving the camera for a different angle and he almost had a heart attack haha. I will always remember this moment and this spot.” I need to try out Delfacos now, they went after our session, I love Italian food!




What they are most excited about for their wedding and marriage:
“We are starting a new adventure in 2018 by moving to Salem, Oregon. I’m excited for us both to start this new chapter in life and start planning the future we will share together. Justin and I always say we look forward to spending the rest of our lives together, going on crazy adventures, and just enjoying the company of one another. For our wedding, I’m excited to plan it in the trees and show all Oregon has to offer for our AZ friends and family.”




Lexi’s favorite part of the photo shoot:
“As someone who is usually on the other side of the camera, I enjoyed how natural it all felt. Justin wasn’t afraid to be silly and cute, he made sure the pictures were a reflection of our what our love is truly like. We also have been saying “chest to chest” when we kiss and it makes me giggle every time! ” haha chest to chest is one of my favorite poses, never thought of it being risqué until now haha but it so much easier than saying belly button to belly button :p I just loved Lexi’s dress so much!!!



“Justin says his favorite part about the session was  experiencing life as a model with such a beautiful partner. Haha. We both love that we will have professional photos of us to hang up in our new home as well! ” So true, Lexi is so pretty! Both of them did a fabulous job modeling and looked so nice!



I am so excited for you two to get married! And especially to start a new life together is such a beautiful place like Oregon <3 I wish you the most happiness together and thank you for being so awesome!

Kaci Lou